May 18, 2009

Bibs To Go: A Book Of Bibs


Finally, a book that will not be rendered obsolete by iPhone and Kindle. And yet, Bibs To Go is destined to get thrown away. This pad of 20 disposable bibs looks perfect for people who leave the house, but who don't live near an Ikea they can steal stacks of disposable bibs from.

Buy a pad of Bibs to Go, around $10 [amazon]
It's no book, but a case of 128 pocket-equipped Pampers Bibsters is $22.70*

* That's $0.17/Bibster vs. $0.50/fancy-but-pocketless vs. free if you lift them from Ikea.

1 Comment

Wishing these were paper, otherwise, what a rockin' idea.

Although most disposable bibs, even paper ones, would probably end up in a landfill. Thus rebooting (recycling?) the whole paper vs. plastic debate.

Mine would be self-righteously composted, but that's me.

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