May 8, 2009

Faces Tape By Our Children's Gorilla


The Swedish kid's design company Our Children's Gorilla has advertised on Daddy Types before, but they come up with such awesome stuff, sometimes I think I would pay them to write about it. Seriously, I think I'll PayPal them several kronor right now, just for telling me about Faces Tape winning a gold medal in the Association of Swedish Illustrators' annual Kolla! awards.

Wouldn't it be awesome to start putting funny faces on everything? Not just boxes or paper bags or posters, but the fridge? The mailbox? The bathroom mirror? The car window? But if Faces Tape is too sticky, I might have to send OCG an invoice for the hour I spend scraping that goo off the car with a razor blade.

Faces Tape, also Rope Tape and Chain Tape, but really, Faces Tape []

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