May 7, 2009

Hans Christian Andersen's Alphabet


Steve Roden is always finding the most unusual things. Now it's a little square book, Hans Christian Andersen's Alphabet, published in 1955 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of his birth.

The illustrations are by the Danish artist Dagmar Starcke, who made fabric applique depictions of Andersen's short, alphabet-themed verses. English translations of each letter's poem is included.

You know what, I just nodded off and inadvertently typed a massive string of commas. I'm going to bed. Meanwhile, you can check out Airform Archives for some more Dagmar Starcke illustrations, or hustle to get one of the two copies of the book on Amazon.

Henry and Dagmar's Alphabet [airform archives]
Buy a vintage copy of Hans Christian Andersen's Alphabet on Amazon, $40-45 [amazon]

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