May 6, 2009

Papi Culla: So What Else You Got, Riva?


As far as I can tell, Riva 1920, the maker of the Pininfarina Giulia, does not offer any cribs or cradles carved from solid blocks of cedar. Maybe in a couple of hundred years, when the hardwood trees in their source forests have grown to full crib width.

In the mean time, the Italian woodworking company makes do with the Bloomington collection, which includes hardwood nursery furniture made from somewhat more manageably sized pieces of wood. Bloomington was designed in 2003 by one of Riva's most prolific collaborators, the Milano-American architect Terry Dwan.


Bloomington comes in six managed hardwoods [cherry, walnut, maple, oak, larch, and cedar] or teak. The joinery and details look beautiful.

Riva translates the Bloomington Lettino Divanetto as Small Bed Sofa, but Americans would know it better as Crib Daybed. Not that they'd be able to buy one, of course. Riva doesn't list any US dealers, though a UK furniture referral site helpfully lists the crib's price as $2,295 [plus another $700 or so for the mattress and upholstery].


The Culla, or cradle, is small and simple. The rockers come off, in case that's not your thing, and then one side comes off to turn the thing into a twee little bench. The basic design reminds me of Erika Pekkari's sweet-looking Ikea Trofast convertible cradle from 1998, which has long since gone out of production.

Here's a picture of the Riva version flat, with the matching Fasciatoio [changing table, duh] next to it. From the caption--

"Prezzo listino : culla 1880,00 fasciatoio 2070,00
Prezzo scontato : culla 846,00 fasciatoio 931,00"?

--I gather that these pieces are for sale at a flickr-based furniture outlet for more than half off--and they're still over $1100. Buona fortuna, bambino.

Riva 1920's Bloomington Collection by Terry Dwan []

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