May 6, 2009

Daddy Talked, Adults Educated

A quick recap of the Adult Education lectures last night at Union Hall:

it was awesome. Not quite knowing what to expect, I was kind of unsure how my Sesame Street timeline [aka Can you tell me how to get--how to get to freakin' Abby Cadabby?] would go over.

The first two presenters, Gary Drevitch of Freelance Dad, and Daniel Wright of Patently Silly, absolutely killed; they were hilarious. Since I was not planning on being terribly funny, I was tempted to start working up some quick & dirty Elmo jokes.

But thanks to the miracle of music and psychedelic animation, it went pretty well. Ilana Glazer, who is an actual comedian/babysitter who presented after me was hilarious, too.

Adult Ed will have video up at some point; I'll update the link when they do. Thanks to Carrie and Charles and the rest of the folks, and thanks to the readers who came out in the rain. It's always a blast to see who's out there.

Adult Education - Ambivalent Parenting 101 []


Do you have your timeline presentation posted somewhere? I'd like to see it.

My wife attended the NAPO professional organizer conference in Orlando this week, and there was this speaker who thought it was all cool and provocative to declare authoritatively that the single biggest problem in primary education today was Sesame Street, and how The Street made everyone demand they be entertained while being taught. She texted me this, knowing it would get a rise out of me.

I first told her to ask him how he excised the entertainment aspects from his speaking engagements, whose main purpose is obstensibly education and not provocation.

Then ask him what year mass communication first took hold, what changes did it incur in the way we market and educate over time and then ask him what year Sesame Street first went on the air.

I'd call the guy a douche but that would be a blemish on fine Massingill products everywhere.

Thanks for the kind words, Greg; I enjoyed the Sesame Street shtick and completely agreed with your CTW thesis ... - Gary (Freelance Dad)

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