May 1, 2009

Where's The Outrage??

So a Wisconsin grandma and volunteer crisis counselor makes a coloring book in 2003 to help kids in her town deal with a tornado strike, and five years and 100 days [...] later Fox News throws a FEMA hissy fit because it included a picture of the World Trade Center.

Meanwhile, a dad with a one-year-old just wants to see the new X-Men movie while the wife and the other kid are out of town and it turns out not only is Loew's not even Loew's anymore, they canceled their Reel Moms bring-a-kid-to-a-slightly-lower-volume morning movie program in freakin' 2006!

And not to be nitpicky and/or oppressively male about it or anything, but does being canceled affirm or undermine the thesis that Reel Moms marks

women as "maternally challenged" spectators because the scheduled time slot of the screenings segregates them from other moviegoers creating a "maternal zone" in the theater. This scheduling isolates parents, affirming the cultural understanding that they and their babies are to be neither seen nor heard.

Whichever. I now see that A.O. Scott kind of says Wolverine sucks anyway. I guess we'll just go toolbox shopping in the morning instead.

A Scary Thing Happened -- The Coloring Book [metafilter, thank you for being mostly sane]
Comments from the nice creator, plus a PDF FEMA's "Scary Thing" []
Movie Review | X-Men Origins: Wolverine [nyt]
Nathanson, E., 2007-10-11 "Bringing Baby to the Movies: Postfeminist Media Culture and Public Displays of Maternal Labor" [abstract:]

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