April 28, 2009

Volvo 240 Wagon X Toyota Supra Aristo Mashup


Crazy. Some guy in Hiroshima decided to drop a 300+ HP, twin-turbo, 2JZ GTE inline 6-cylinder engine from the Toyota Aristo [the JDM incarnation of the Lexus GS300, which was the only other model besides the Supra to get the engine] into a late model Volvo 240 Wagon. Now it's for sale on Yahoo Auctions, for an asking price of around 2 million yen [USD 21,000].

While the ground effects and whatnot hint at the wagon's barnstorming capabilities, the original owner apparently wanted the interior to look as stock Volvo as possible. So I guess we don't need any interior photos.

Supra-Powered Japanese Volvo 240 Wagon: 300 HP Meatball Ramen [jalopnik]
アリストエンジン公認300馬力最速車アート改造ボルボドリフト/ Fastest modified art car: Volvo Drift, 300 hp certified Aristo Engine [yahoo auctions japan, google translate]


Finally something on the Japanese streets that's as powerful AND ugly as the first generation Stagea.

In the US, if you want a fast 240, the easiest way to go is with a Ford 302 conversion.

Like this maniac:


Or like Paul Newman:


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