April 27, 2009

D'oh, How Was The Bugaboo Warehouse Sale?


I'm such a bad fanboi, I forgot to post about Bugaboo's warehouse-clearing sample sale that went down yesterday in Culver City.

If you went, please tell me there were no Geckos.


Sorry to report that the elusive Geckos were there - though the crowd was more focused on the Chameleons. Only the green (best color anyways) was available (for the Gecko) - and they were going for $375 or so. If only I needed another strol

I really wanted to go two this but being in the UK its a little to far to travel for a sale! Although saying that, i've found number 14 out of the 15 marc jacobs strollers for sale and im trying to get my hands on that now :)

Have you checked out the bugaboo facebook page? They've got a fan page where you can talk to them directly and ask any questions you have.

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