April 24, 2009

Change Volvo Can Believe In? DOT Calls For Side Impact Standards, Mfr Car Seat Recommendations

Whoa, the Secretary of Transportation just posted the findings of NHTSA's wide-ranging review of US car seat safety standards policy [!] to his blog [!!], Welcome To The Fast Lane.

The bullet points:

  • "[N]ew side-impact standards as well as increased stringency on front-impact standards."

  • "Manufacturers will recommend specific seats in various price ranges that work best for individual vehicles. "

  • "[H]alf of all children between the ages of zero and seven-years-old, who were killed in motor vehicle crashes, were not in child safety seats at all."

Whoa, WHOA, and WHOA!! respectively. Though could we have a link to that last data, please? 0-7 is a pretty big bucket.

Also, Volvo, you can stop pouting now.

Extraordinary Cargo, Extraordinary Attention [fastlane.dot.gov via dt reader dt]
Who knew? The sec'y's been blogging since last July. [fastlane.dot.gov]


Ray LaHood, of course, has only been blogging (as SecTrans) since January.

Since about late January I feel like I don't know my own government any more. What the heck is going on?

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