April 22, 2009

We're Comic Books From The Government, And We're Here To Help

The library at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has a collection of government-sponsored comic books. Here are some of them, starting with my favorite. The rest are just filler, pretty much:

Pogo: Primer for Parents from the TV Division of the US Children's Bureau, 1960. "Television, as Pogo says, is probably here to stay. But how, when and how often children should watch it has baffled many parents."


Pogo: Welcome to the Beginning, 1965. Trying to use hepcat lingo to persuade kids that chicks dig a cat with a job.


Security is an Eye Patch, 1968, US HEW, a "lazy eye testing" awareness campaign. *SPOILER ALERT* "With nothing more than a simple eye patch, we have brought amblyopia to its knees!"


This is Ann, 1943, a guide for soldiers in WWII to not get malaria, with text by Munro Leaf and illustrations by Dr. Seuss.

Government Comics Collection [unl.edu]

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