April 22, 2009

Milano Watch 2009: Color Me Villa?


On the bright side, it's nice to see that Magis didn't invent a method for turning petro-plastic into cardboard to make Javier Mariscal's Villa Julia playhouse.

On the, uh, not so bright side, the Villa Julia may be the most circumscribed color-me-in! cardboard playhouse on the already glutted cardboard playhouse market. You get the feeling that Mariscal will be swooping in periodically to make sure the clay ashtray's not out of place.

'villa julia', javier mariscal for magis at milan design week 09 [designboom]
Previously: recycled? and how! Color Me House! cardboard playhouse


OK, I get it. But still, I have to say this is the coolest cardboard playhouse I've ever seen, what with that great shed roof and the flagstone finish. Quite the mid-century modern vibe. When's the butterfly roof version coming out?

It's certainly a nice departure from all of the other versions you showed on the previous post, with their "Herzog & De Meuron" style gabled roof.

(apologies in advance for the obscure architecture geek references)

h&dm is the nicest thing you could call the regular gabled versions. and while I agree that even an atomic modern style house like this is an improvement, it also underscores the reality that a true modernist cardboard playhouse would be a plain box, and thus, unsellable at markup.

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