April 14, 2009

Wasilla Area Man Is At-Home Dad

Luke Dittrich did a Hangout With Todd Palin article for Esquire.

It stars piles of laundry, car seat bases, kid handoffs, trips to Target, snowmobiles, splitting childcare with your pregnant eldest daughter, Google Alerts set up for media mentions of your spouse, Oxycontin-dealing family members, bush planes in the backyard of the lakefront house that was probably built for free as a contractor's illegal kickback, and piles of moose skulls: in other words, your typical American at-home dad routine.


Kudos to Bumbo and Eddie Bauer, whose baby seats both get namechecked in the story.

Todd Palin Is The Man For America Now [esquire via gawker]
Uh, yes she does, Todd: Todd taps the logo. "Eddie Bauer," he says. "Bristol don't mess around!" [dorel juvenile group]

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