April 14, 2009

The Most Famous Stroller In Cinema? Is For Sale


Southern California auction house Profiles in History specializes in movie memorabilia and historical documents and such. Their Spring sale on April 30th-May 1st includes items from the incredible sci-fi collection of the late Forry Ackerman; a whole slew of props from Blade Runner, including some of Deckard's most Williwear-able, 80s-futuristic costumes, and a prop throne from Tyrell's apartment which was also used in The Ten Commandments; there's an original Swiss Miss instant cocoa marionette from the 1970's, complete with her case full of 20 interchangeable facial expressions; and--somewhat related--Jason's "Creepy doll from Friday the 13th.

But hey-ho, who cares? Because the buggy from the train station shootout scene in Brian de Palma's The Untouchables is for sale, too! Except for its inspiration, the long-lost original pram Eisenstein used in his staging of the Odessa Steps scene in Battleship Potemkin, this is the Most Important Stroller In Cinema History.

Well, there was that one from the poster of Whatever Happened to Rosemary's Baby?, and there was probably one in Three Men And A Baby... But who cares? Believe the hype! Prep the $4,000-6,000 estimated for the win! Have Kevin Costner and Andy Garcia ever steered you wrong??

UPDATE: OK, it's pretty clear I stepped in it by calling this the most famous stroller in cinema. SO. if it's not dePalma, what is the most famous stroller in cinema? Put your suggestions below; we need a montage.

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How about the one from Gone With the Wind?

I think that it is cool that you know that the original shot is from Battleship Potemkin. I saw it in Intro To Film 101 in 1987. It would be a neat topic of conversation, but a little steep in this economy.

What about the pram full of cans that Sanda Bullock hits with the bus in Speed? I mean, it's hard to beat Speed when it comes to cinematic greatness.

Ditto on Gone with the Wind.
The pram in itself is a nostalgic beauty, but the "horse" in front of the pram is over-the-top.

Considering the Train Station scene immediately came to mind when I read your headline I think you're spot on.

Rosemary's Baby, hands down

I'll check tonight, but I can't remember that there is actually a stroller in the movie, just the poster.

Gone With The Wind is my all-time favorite movie, but when you said "most famous stroller in cinema" my mind went to The Untouchables immediately.

I think back in grad school I knew there was an Eisenstein connection, but I'd tossed that bit of trivia from my head in favor of knowing the names of all the Space Buddies. sigh

as a prop in a crowd shot in a movie that no one saw, the modded Stokke Xplory in Aeon Flux might be the sweetest but least important stroller in cinema

Now I'll have to watch Aeon Flux.

Speed 2: Cruise Control. Hands down. Jason Patrick is, if anything, a worse actor than Keanu. Even Willem Dafoe phones in the crazy.

I agree, the Gone With The Wind stroller is the best of all time.

There wasn't a pram in Rosemary's baby. The baby was in a cradle.

There was a pram for the poster of the film "It's Alive." Do a search on IMDb plot keywords for "baby carriage," and you'll find that "The Untouchables" narrowly beats out "The Spy Who Shagged Me" in user votes. For "pram," the top vote-getter is "Hot Fuzz."

I'm going to have to second "It's Alive". It creeped me out then, and just thinking about it creeped me out now.

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