April 9, 2009

He's Right There In The Chair, Dear, Don't You See Him?

K2 doesn't know what a holiday is, and the kid figured out who the Easter Bunny was two Christmases ago, so CaptureTheMagic.com will not help us dupe our kids--about the Easter Bunny, anyway.


That said, if they'd let me use either of the following bunnies in my photo, I might be able to find an extra $9.95 or so...


You will absolutely be wanting to watch that interview below. AB. SO. LUTELY.

Seeing is Believing! Create "proof" of the Easter Bunny! [capturethemagic.com via dt wtf correspondent ponch]
Ann Bruno Interview [Of The Century] [turnto10.com via the awl, also on youtube for good measure]

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What the F are you talking about?

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