April 8, 2009

Someone? Anyone? Is Historien Om Någon Invisible To The Non-Swedish World?

historien_om_nagon.jpgWhile we're on the subject of 1951 and Sweden and Egon Möller-Nielsen, that also appears to be the publication date for Historien om någon, a children's book he illustrated by Åke Löfgren.

It's a ubiquitous classic of Swedish children's literature; the evergreen suspense of the story kept generations of Hanses and Inges on the edge of their beds night after night; the artwork is mid-century Scandinavian Awesome; it triumphantly returned to print in 1997--and I can't find a single mention of it in English at all.

A flickr user helpfully translates the title as Story of Someone, who turns out to be--*SPOILER ALERT**-- a kitten playing with a ball of yarn in the attic.

Anyway, am I missing something here? Are my Google searches being thwarted by all those little umlauts and dots sprinkled on top of the Swedish alphabet? Or is someone gonna scoop up the English rights 60 years late, and finally make this thing available?


Historien om någon by Åke Löfgren and Egon Möller-Nielsen, 56kr if you can get it [barnensbokklubb.se]
Kiddet calls it "Somebody," and takes some layout photos [kiddet.blogspot.com]

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We have this book and love it :) My husband is Swedish and we all speak both languages.

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