April 7, 2009

Child Crawling, 1887, By Edweard Muybridge


The painter Thomas Eakins convinced the University of Pennsylvania to underwrite Edweard Muybridge's massive, multi-year study of motion using high-speed photography. From 1882-86, Muybridge camped out in Philadelphia, photographing seemingly everything that moved. The result, Animal Locomotion, was an 11-volume portfolio of 781 plates containing over 20,000 individual photographs.

This copy of Plate 471, Child Crawling, is included in Heritage Auction's Spring photography sale, which ends in like ten days or something. Yep, there it is, April 18th. Bidding for the 8x16 or so collotype starts at $1,000 and should end near or below the $4,500 the same image is available for on AbeBooks.

Lot 75133, EADWEARD MUYBRIDGE (British, 1830-1904). Child Crawling, PL #471, 1887 [ha.com]
Check out a 1979 reproduction of Animal Locomotion on Google Books [google]


what bout "Baby Crawling"?

That's no baby.

Muybridge's pictures of naked fighters were taken as models by Francis Bacon to paint his pictures, such as this one:

Luckily he didn't take the crawling pictures... What a hell of a tortured nightmary paintings would have he made then!

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