April 5, 2009

You Sing It, Sister Belkin!

The NY Times' Lisa Belkin has never been more right than when she completely agrees with me:

True, the results of these studies are incremental and preliminary -- a few I.Q. points here, a few hundred schizophrenia cases there. Yet for better or worse, we humans have proved that we'll upend our lives over a few bits of cautionary data. This seems particularly true when it comes to parenting, where our responses are often visceral, not intellectual. Suggest that something might keep a child safer, or ensure his happy future, or get her into college, and today's parents will bite.
Of course, she wants to name the revolution; I want to get parents to CTFO a little bit, but hey. You gotta start somewhere.

Your Old Man: Me Might Have Biological Clocks, Too [nyt]

1 Comment

I couldn't agree more with Belkin, which is not always the case. Parents are not doctors, for example, but are increasingly making critical medical decisions without equally critical context and information.

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