March 31, 2009

Stokke, Chicco, Chicco, Stokke?

One of the many things I learned from Pamela Paul's book, Parenting, Inc.: Chicco's pronounced KEE-koh. Because it's Italian, obviously.

Also, they're huge. The parent company Artsana has like EUR 1.6 billion in sales for three business lines, only one of which is baby-related--unless you count condoms.

And did you know Chicco bought Boppy last year? Yeah, me neither.

And did you know Stokke is pronounced STOW-kuh, not STOW-kee? Five years with the high chair, and I still get that mixed up.

I just mention that in case it turns out to be true that Chicco is buying Stokke.


I didn't know that about Chicco, but I have a feeling that people will be correcting me when I next say it "KEE-koh". ;) I did know about Stokke, but I believe it's "STOW-keh", or at least my Greek husband always insists that that's how those European "e" sounds are pronounced.

STOH-keh, guys (STOH pronounced as in the word "lock") ... the long vowel sounds (especially when followed by a double consonant) are for American English only!

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