March 29, 2009

W Magazine Gets To The Bottom Of Octomom Media Frenzy, Finds Booster Seat

If you're like me, you've been ignoring the Octomom story because either there wasn't a clean baby gear angle, or the whole thing was an annoying, degenerate, media cluster(#*%$. Now thanks to some eagle-eyed reporting by a west coast correspondent for W Magazine's Editors' Blog, you don't have to choose!


Turns out some shorter-than-average camera-chasing lawyer uses one of those butt-contoured Boost booster seats designed to look like the Yellow Pages. Also, some guy from the Jimmy Kimmel show showed up.

For all the details and the backstory [heh], check out W Magazine today!

Gloria Allred sits on this; "Small and compact, the attorney was clad in an aquamarine pants suit, sensible sling-backs and an omelet of make-up. She sat atop what appeared to be a large rubberized Yellow Pages telephone book..." [wmagazine via dt reader and w online director catherine]
Previously on DT, 2007: Boost booster seat -- Like-A-Yellow-Pages

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