March 26, 2009

When The Wild Things Are? Not Till October


OK, there was a moment when it looked like the delays meant it was going to suck. But after seeing the trailer for Spike Jonze and Dave Eggers' incarnation of Where The Wild Things Are, what sucks is that the movie won't be out until October.

Plus, that song was like flashback crack for the kid; it reminded her of when she was little and watching Arcade Fire on Pancake Mountain.

Where The Wild Things Are trailer [apple]


Hahahaha I came here this morning specifically to see if you had commented on the WTWTA trailer release yet, and yay you have!

It looks awesome, the trailer made me cry. But I'm guessing I won't be taking my then-6-yo to see it, because it also looks far too intense for him. While I loved the book as a child, my son has not liked it much - it scares him. When some of the movie stills came out last week I reread the book to him a few times; we've been discussing Max's imagination. I'm hoping to have him warmed to it by October - then maybe I'll go see it myself (on opening day, yes) and decide if it will work for him.

In any case, I can't wait!

When I saw the trailer I thought "I bet Maurice Sendak is happy with this movie". Then I looked it up

I did some creative work on the WTWTA style guide when the movie was still with Universal. I was going to go with my art director to visit with MS, but I begged off as I was leaving the company at the time. After I left, I heard Universal dropped the movie.

MS is persnickety and irreverent and has a wicked sense of humor, and didn't want his book to be treated with kid gloves. He wanted us to "get wild" with his characters and take them further. The movie looks like it does that :)

I am so glad I'm not the only one who was tearing up at the trailer... holy wow, I want to see it now, now, now!

the trailer is really well edited.

wife cried, my eyes rolled.

what does that wild thing want to show him, the body he's going to bury in the pine barrens?

That's the best trailer I've seen in a long time.

yeah, maybe. Or maybe the beautiful sunrise! from the beach! which they all howl their barbaric yawps at. Have you no soul, man? It's like a plushie remake of Dead Poets Society!

So obviously, I'm over it now and will be fine waiting.

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