March 26, 2009

Generalissimo Francisco Franco Is Still Dead.

Come for the caffeine, stay for the heartwarming words of advice from the adorable great-grandfather on a bicycle. And the caffeine. Coca Cola, yo te amo. [youtube via sullivan]


and the stupid title, what it is for?.
If you followed a little more spanish politics, you would know that Mr Aznar was his reincarnation...

Thanks for missing the point entirely, which was that though it goes unspecified in the commercial, a 102-yo Spanish guy has indeed, seen a great deal of bad times, including living under a decades-long fascist dictatorship. AND living through Aznar's terms as well, I guess, though I would suspect that even Aznar's Iraq war-supporting, global climate-change-denying, 11/3 manipulating idiocies would look tame to a guy who lived through Franco, two world wars, and the [First] Depression.

As for the title, it IS probably too obscure; it's a quote from the early days of Saturday Night Live, which parodied both Richard Nixon's praise of Franco and the US TV news programs' seeming obsession with Franco's deathwatch.

Cute advert. Almost a breath of fresh air compared to most soft drink ads jammed down our throats, or posted on the side of buildings in 50 foot high vinyl graphics.

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