March 25, 2009

Click Here, Or Some Other Baby Gets It


An important part of being around pregnant people is knowing when not to ask questions, and just do as you're told.

So I'm posting this photo and telling you to all go vote for this nice pregnant lady's belly picture so she can win one of them fancy Quinny Buzz strollers, and so that the old hand-me-down stroller she's used for the last two kids can finally be retired.

Belly Photo Contest 2009, Voting ends at 10:00pm(CST) on Friday, March 27, 2009 [ via dt reader sara]


I normally try to be a good dooby on things like this, but I must say that the snowman (snowmom?) picture deserves to win!

I have to admit, after I got to the site, I voted for the snowmom picture, too.

The one above is lovely, but a bit too...polished.

When I was pregnant, the last thing I wanted to do was to wander the winter woods wrapped in a cotton sheet.

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