March 17, 2009

Sudden Birth: Berkeley's Finest Cops Are Also Berkeley's Worst Actors

Unlike most of the digitized educational films in the A/V Geeks' vast library, Sudden Birth was almost certainly not rescued from a school dumpster. The training film was commissioned by the California Peace Officers Association in 1966 so that, in case the situation should ever arise, the state's many police and public safety officers would be well-prepared to deliver a baby in the back seat of a car on the side of the road.

While the A/V Geeks note that the police and doctors' acting is riotously bad, the neighbor in whose backseat Mrs. Grant truly and actually gives birth is quite entertaining. I know it was the Sixties, and everyone in California was filming their births in the back seats of cars, but I'm not so sure all those films have resurfaced on the Internet Archive forty years later. I have half a mind to track these people down and see what their story is.

Sudden Birth (1966) [ via kottke]


Hey, why does Mom, with the Hollywood wax, gets credited only second after Officer Bob.

Union rules, I'd imagine.

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