March 13, 2009

C Is For Caddy And Carbon Tax: GM 'Green' Coloring Book


Did you know that in their spare time, GM, the pioneering environmental curriculum developer behind such classic "Teach 'Green'" lesson plan materials as this Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon coloring page actually makes this Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon? At least for the moment they do. Some people think the company should quit their dabbling and just focus on what it knows best: communicating the 2-Mode Hybrid concept to kindergarteners.

New "Teach Green" Blog Encourages Conversation and Sharing of Tips and Ideas for Classrooms []
GM - Education - Grades K-4 [gm via dt reader dt]

1 Comment

Hard to tell if these materials were created to educate actual 4th graders or members of Congress.

I wish the CTS Sport Wagon well and as I understand it, the car is still slated for production under GM's latest product plan. My only issue is with the D-pillar that borrows the 'how big a blind spot can we make' section from Toyota's playbook. The car has the potential for success but will depend on the size of the segment of car buyers that (a) are willing to drop $40K on a wagon and (b) consider Cadillac to be an acceptable nameplate to be seen in. Time will tell.

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