March 10, 2009

DTQ: What Up With That Backwards Diaper, Kriss?


Did you just not notice you put the diaper on backwards, did you do it just to see what'd happen, or is that what you was born to do?


Sometimes you have to put them on backwards.

How did the backwards diapering work out for you?

I'm hoping that someone actually markets a "backwards" diaper for boys. My writhing, running toddler boy is becoming impossible to diaper.

Perhaps I just need to repeat this experiment myself. It's important to confirm lab results independently, no?

Well, you can put the diapers on backwards for only so long until the tots figure out how to reach around and pull the tabs off again. Seriously, duct tape on a backwards diaper, then back to safety pins...

Sometimes you see the diaper off and poo on the floor. Guaranteed fun times.

For our son, we only had trouble at night. We put him in one-piece zip-up pajamas without feet. We would reverse the pajamas so the zipper was in back. Never failed.

K2 tore her first diaper off last week, and then took us to the ER Friday night after her she torqued her shoulder so badly while writhing during a diaper-changing, we thought she'd dislocated it. The ER doctor, meanwhile, thought she'd fractured her collarbone. So far, a couple of backwards diapers and quick Onesie-snapping has been enough to keep the diaper on.

The answer is the Little Keeper Sleeper. It's a backward zip sleeper that also has a locking system and a non stretchable neck to prevent sleeper and diaper removal. They work GREAT!!
Here is their website:

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