March 9, 2009

Two One-Offs: Nissan Skyline GT-R x Stagea Wagon Mash-Up


It's not just the Dodge Charger Magnum, people. The Nissan Stagea proves that lowriding station wagons for hoods who have the kids on alternate weekends can get dropped from the lineup in Japan, too.

What we don't see, though, is someone grafting a Viper front end onto his mulch hauler, the way so many Stagea owners like to do with the hot rod in their marque's stable. And by "so many," I mean "two." Two that we know of.

As Skyline GT-R and Stagea mashups go, this later-model white version is a little flashier than the black VIP Treatment we saw last fall.

Oh. Hell. Yes. GT-R Wagon [autofiends via dt mulch hauler correspondent jj daddy-o]
Previously: Sweet Modded Japanese Wagon Like No Nissan Stagea I've Ever Seen


I think you mean Dodge MAGNUM, not to be all correct-o-matic on you or anything.

d'oh, how quickly I forget.

Also, I think I would like to be known as "Minivan and Station Wagon but not Crossover consultant to all Blogs".

and I worked so hard on "mulch hauler"...

it's the curse of writing about cars, surpassed only by writing about wine, where you have to make up evermore inane ways to say the same three things.

Isn't a good portion of the gtr built by hand? Seems sad to start chopping up a car built with such love and attention.

I liked that model of Stagea until the Infiniti FX came out on the same platform looking way cooler. (I think the FX would have made a lot nicer platform to integrate the GT-R front end to as well...)

As for Seth's worries, I'm guessing that they actually just ordered GT-R fenders and headlights from Nissan brand new, although there have been quite a few GT-R accidents already in Japan so you never know... someone might have found one that spun into a wall and destroyed the rear end or something.

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