February 27, 2009

Uppababy RumbleSeat Reaches Press Release Stage


Unless there's a hands-on editors' preview involving muffins and gift bags which I didn't get invited to, the Five Stages of Web 2.0 Product Launch are as follows:

I. Purloined phonecam shots
II. Trade show attendee's flickr stream
III. Blog pickup
IV. Web chatter
V. Press release synched to print magazines' lead time [i.e., 3 mos before launch]

Thanks to Babble's exclusive First Look series, we now know that the Uppababy RumbleSeat, which adapts a single seat Vista stroller for double duty, has reached Stage V. Which means it's going to hit stores in May.

As Mike from Uppababy explained in Stage IV last November, the RumbleSeat will automatically fit Vistas made in 2009 and beyond. For current Vista owners, the company is offering two options [Uppagrades? Sorry, I'm powerless in the face of the obvious]: buy a new Vista chassis for around $200, essentially wholesale; or send your chassis in for a $50 or so retrofitting at the service center.

It's interesting how the stroller market shifts. When Uppababy launched, the Vista was targeting the underserved stylin'-but-cheaper-than-an-$800-Bugaboo segment. Now with a new Vista clocking in $650-670, plus another $129 for the RumbleSeat, Uppababy is the $800 gorilla, comparable to a Phil & Teds Vibe and a big jump up from the P&T Sport.

First Look: Uppababy Rumbleseat [babble's droolicious, thanks nicole]
Previously: With new RumbleSeat, Uppababy makes room for Lowababy


So I don't get it. Can the rumble seat only be used when the kids are facing the pusher?

I welcome any alternatives to P&T in the 2-kids-in-the-space-of-1 segment but I wonder if any hands-on testing fits occurs during Product Launch Stage V. Put a kid in that rumble seat and you're talking about a lot of weight over the 2 small front wheels. I imagine that's going to take a toll on the steering. (Steering is a major weak point of the P&T line when loaded with two kids. This thing is going to have to be really well executed or it's likely to be even worse.)

Hi there! I wrote the Babble.com post.


The only reason I heard about the rumble seat was because I was emailing the PR rep about another Uppa product. I have yet to see it in person, but I am glad you got a better picture.

Love the blog! You can check out mine here:


It's what I do when I'm not writing for Babble.

And to your reader who asked about the facing issue--I'm told it will work with forward and rear facing.

The Rumbleseat will only work in rear-facing position for up to 35 pounds (i.e., in addition to the 50 pound max on the main stroller's seat).

It will work with the main toddler seat facing rear, or if fully reclined facing forward.

The Rumbleseat will work with the infant seat adapter attached, but not with the bassinet installed.

May 2009 is expected availability... Stage VI !!

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