February 25, 2009

DTQ: When's The Best Time To Install Safety Latches Under The Kitchen Sink?

It's funny, I get this question all the time, and I never would have said "G."

Is the answer:

A. As soon as you find out you're going to have a kid, so you can get used to opening the damn things.
B. By the time the kid is born.
C. By the time the kid starts crawling.
D. By the time the kid starts walking.
E. A few months after you buy them, so they can have a chance to get acclimate to your kitchen space.
F. After the tenth time your wife says don't worry about it, she's going to install them herself, you just go to the gym.
G. Three minutes after turning the corner into the kitchen and seeing your one-year-old daughter playing happily with a bottle of laundry detergent and snuggling a plastic grocery bag.


She hasn't actually INGESTED any yet, right?

I think you still have time.

and it wasn't like the bag was on her HEAD...

We moved all the stuff under the sink to the top shelf in the pantry and now store the tupperware-ish stuff under the sink. No safety latch needed.

I really need to re-visit this in our house. One of my 3 yo's toys ended up in my 9 mo's mouth and he thank goodness coughed it out!

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