February 12, 2009

Brother, Can You Spare A Crawligator?


The Creative Playthings Crawligator is one of those awesome, fun-looking, no-brainer toys that looks like it should be on the market forever. Like a Hula Hoop or Rock'em Sock'em Robots. Unfortunately, the little baby belly skateboard didn't survive the toy company's mid-1970's demise at the mismanaging hands of CBS. Or maybe it got wiped out with the babywalker market when a few too many kids went rolling down the stairs headfirst. Either way, it's part of toy history now.

But Crawligators are still around, in basements, garage sales, and occasionally on eBay. Now I'd like to find one, and give it a new, better home. Here's an email I got from a new dad named Michael:

I'm searching for a Crawligator for my eight month old son with leg deformities. He will be having them amputated and is expected to have trouble crawling. I would like to find him a Crawligator to give him the best start possible.
Now I'm not hearing Michael asking for a free Crawligator, necessarily, just a fair deal. Maybe you can even work something out to loan him one of your extra Crawligators from your collection until his son outgrows it. I don't know. Drop me an email, and I'll put you and Michael in touch and let you work it out.


Came over from a link on boingboing.net. Posted it to my facebook page after doing some hunting online and coming up empty.

Let us know if he finds one. That would make us pretty happy.


We have one to loan. Our 3 girls haven't been into it the way me and my 3 brothers were. Maybe if we loan it out before our youngest can use it, she'll cry and want it back to play with ;)

A little googling found this page:

In which someone has a homemade one. Perhaps Michael could contact them for plans for pay them to make another one?

I have a 12 month old daughter with Down syndrome. She is struggling learning to crawl. I would like to buy one as well or get plans to have someone make one for me. Thanks....Wendy

Here's a recent link:


It's priced kinda high, but if it will help your child, it's money well spent!

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