February 9, 2009

Z-Stream: One Slide-Lookin' Zaha Hadid Sculpture Actually Is Slide


Whether it's a modular sofa or a kitchen island or a whole Ideal House of Tomorrow, since every objet that tumbles out of architect Zaha Hadid's studio looks like a piece of retro-futuristic playground equipment, you might be surprised that Z-Stream is Ms. Hadid's first actual slide.


Z-Stream was commissioned for "Artists' Playground," last summer's installment of the Reconstruction contemporary art exhibition series at Sudeley Castle, En-guh-land. I'd write something insightful about the artists' thought-provoking exploration of the ideas of play and imagination, but from most of the work in the show, the only ones having fun were the artists themselves.

Reconstruction #3: Artists' Playground, 6-10/2008 [reconstruction.org via sudeleycastle.co.uk]

1 Comment

Very cool!

BTW I checked out the seaweed and it is yummy. There is a photo on my blog now of a section of it in the grocery store.

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