February 9, 2009

Ronin Playtown Fire Truck By Creative Playthings On eBay


In the mid-1960's, Julian Winston designed the Playtown series for Creative Playthings, which included playsets for an airfield, a marina, a garage, and a fire station. With no fire station to serve, this masterless wooden fire truck, sweet and pocket-sized, now either walks the earth like Caine, from Kung Fu. Or it's really going after Seamus, not the case.

Either way, it also marks the beginning of the end of the US toy industry, when companies began outsourcing production to factories overseas in small developing countries. This truck is marked, "Made in England."

Vintage CREATIVE PLAYTHINGS * England-Carved WOOD TRUCK, first bid $3+5.95 s/h, auction ends feb. [ebay]

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