February 6, 2009

Hans Beck, Father Of Playmobil, 79


Hans Beck, who became the chief of development for the Brandstätter Group toy company after he created Playmobil in 1974, died last week at the age of 79.

Playmobil's German inventor Hans Beck dies aged 79 [guardian.co.uk]
image: detail from Funeral of a King series, created by Playmoboard member Rasputin [playmoboard]


May he be in a great castle in the sky filled with maddeningly small pieces that are addictive and fun.

By the way you MUST visit Playmobil if you ever get to Germany.

First off thank you for using my image I am quite honored .

Second May he rest in peace and live forever in his little plastic people He was able to create such a simple joyful item which spread so much happiness to children and adults alike . Not many get this opportunity and hopefully Playmobil will never forget his vision

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