February 4, 2009

A C'est Pour Antipathie: Grand Alphabet Amusant

Grand Alphabet Amusant (Morel) ABCDE, originally uploaded by peacay.

Nice. How Peacay keeps finding these things, I'll never know. But Bibliodyssey now has the complete, illustrated Grand Alphabet Amusant, which was published in 1890 by the venerable French printing house, Imprimerie Pellerin. The author, Eugène Morel, was a librarian who championed public libraries in France, particularly for children.

Were it not for the unfortunately stereotypical caricatures of a Chinaman and a Negro [sic] in later pages, the richly colored, exotically vocabularied Grand Alphabet Amusant would be a perfect candidate for reissue today. Maybe one of the half dozen or so other illustrated alphabets in the Bibliotheque Enfantine series Pellerin published at the turn of the last century would be more appropriate.

See the Grand Alphabet Amusant at Bibliodyssey [biblioddysey]
Download a hi-res PDF at the Digitale Bibliothek Braunschweig [tu.bs.de]

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