February 3, 2009

This Is My Son On Drugs. Any Questions?

Kid on way home from dentist, totally high: "Is this going to be forever?"

Dad: "No, [at least not until I put it on YouTube.]"

David After Dentist [youtube via boingboing]
Novocaine sold separately: Buy a Flip Mino video recorder at Amazon for $160 [amazon]


I learned it by watching youtube!

I think the FIRST question I'd have for the dentist is "Just HOW MUCH Novocaine did you give my son?" I wasn't that smashed after a full-on, hammer-n-chisel removal of all four wisdom teeth, AND I had general anesthetic and morphine!

@teufelkindsvater - I suspect that something more than Novocaine was at work here~

teufelkindsvater, great name!

When Noisette was a little more than 3 she needed a filling done on a molar and was put under so the experience wouldn't be too traumatic. Hours later when it was time to give her some solid food I was spoon feeding her some mac'n'cheese while she rested on the couch when she said, 'why are there two spoons?' DOH!!

Poor kid... I can only imagine how funky that really did feel. I'm the type that HATES the drugs they give you (the ones that make other people feel really good), so I'm right there with him.

Man, I feel sorry about the little guy but that was soooo funny! "is this real life"??

At least he's cheerful. My 3-year-old was sedated for a CT scan about six months ago, and when I asked how she'd act when coming out of it, they said "kind of drunk." For the record, my kid is a mean drunk. She screamed "I'm not crying" for a solid half-hour in the waiting room as we were waiting to see the doctor afterward. I'm still recovering, and I think the people in the waiting room are still recovering too.

Poor guy. Sedation doesn't work on my kid at all but I've seen a few kids at the hospital like this. It's always a little funny.

I've been there brutha! (Only, it wasn't the dentist.)

I kinda feel this crosses a line. Kid's maybe not gonna appreciate this being available for all eternity. A little...disrespectful? Exploitive? Oh sure, funny, but not really consensual. Just saying.

Don't worry, I'm sure he got the kid to sign a release before the camera started rolling.

Wow, maybe it was me just turning 40 that's done it, but I can not agree more with Xdm, why do some parents/people feel the need to share EVERY freaking aspect of their children's lives with the world. I am a little shocked that it wasn't until the 11th comment that this was mentioned. Am I way off base thinking this?

Well done dad...its now on Deadspin:


Maybe this kid will be the next "Baby Mangino" for 2009.

Must have been the NO2. I remember when I had it when I was a kid it feltlike my legs were floating.

Whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger!!

Maybe this will help him get into Harvard.

"...is this real life...?"
"...is this going to be for ever...?"

I feel that sometimes.

What a little champion!


They mentioned this on the Fox news with Great Van Susteren just a few minutes ago! Too funny he's freakin famous now! Some of you folks need to lighten up! This was funny and I'm sure he'll laugh about it later.

All I want to say is-
Ok now...Ok now I...I have 2 fingers. Uh, I have 4 fingers.

Greg- Check out this remix. I almost wet myself.


holy smokes, the video's got 3 million views. it had like 100k when i linked to it. This IS going to last forever...

3.5 mil and counting...
I was on hold this afternoon with a company in Montreal, and the radio station was playing the audio.
I'll bet we see him as a guest on late night TV very soon.

54 mil and counting--and my cousin Daphne's husband's first published CNN article is about it:


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