January 30, 2009

DT Friday Chillout: CPSIA, Eats Dirt Edition

Is this how it's gonna be now in the Obama Era? All our Freakouts are turned to Chillouts, and our weekends are our own?

  • We used to feed David Patterson--he lived across the street--David Patterson's baby brother dirt sandwiches all the time. And the kid'd eat'em, too, what'd he know? He was two. We considered it amusing abuse, and I always felt a little bad about it, but now science tells us that we were training his immune system. All that dirt-eating helped David Patterson's little brother grow up to be the strapping lumberjack/triathlete who's never had a cold in his life I assume he is today. You're welcome!

    Babies Know: A Little Dirt Is Good for You [nyt]

  • Friday night is usually when the government releases news it wants to bury. But I'm pretty sure that the CPSC's announcement a couple of hours ago that they are suspending testing and certification requirements of the CPSIA for a year will not go unnoticed among the handmade toy, clothing, and crafter types who were feeling the unnecessary lead-testing squeeze.

    Everyone will still be required to follow the CPSIA's lead, phthalate, and other safety standards, but the CPSC will not require testing or certification until they have worked out the details of the rules, standards, and exemptions necessary for implementing the new regulations. Pop a bottle of microbrew and read the details of the CPSC announcement below. Handmade garment makers are especially encouraged to check their zippers. For lead.

    CPSC Grants One Year Stay of Testing and Certification Requirements for Certain Products [cpsc.gov]

  • Oh wait, here's one freakout that makes you realize the CPSIA stay came not a moment too soon. From the Kansas City Star:
    Unless the Consumer Product Safety Commission exempts them from the sweeping legislation, libraries nationwide could be forced to pull children's books from their shelves or, alternately, ban children.
    I don't know, depending on what time of day you asked, I bet a ban on children could get a lot of parental support.

    Libraries say new safety law could mean no more books for kids [kansascity.com thanks dt reader jen]

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