January 29, 2009

Unidentified Local Menudan Just Happened To Be Sitting There


Alternate title: Some Guy From My Gym Drives A Peg Perego Duette [cbb via (other) andy]
Peg Perego Duettes run from $745 to 970, so shop around [amazon]


THAT's a new andy, huh?

lol, yeah, big gay andy.

Can we say...

"Beep, beep - get out of the way!!! My stroller is toooooo beeg...."

LOL (I see them a lot!)

I hope he has an elevator in his building......

I have twins too. We have the Double Snap-n-Go that we use with the mack daddy Graco Platinum car seats... it was only about a buck fifty and seems easier to use. As soon as they're big enough, they're going in the BOB with the 12" rims! Ah... life in the City!

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