January 29, 2009

Aqua Netto: Royal Blue Lacquer Nursery Furniture At Barney's

Remember when, after so many years of white MacBooks, Apple introduced the black model? And how it cost as much as a more powerful, but typical aluminum MacBook Pro? And how, for a while, certain Apple fanbois scoffed at the people who spent $150 on color instead of processor performance?

Well, now super white lacquer crib guy David Netto has introduced a small batch--just 25 pieces each--of his Case Group cribs and changers, not in white, but in royal blue lacquer instead. The Royal Blue Collection will be sold exclusively at Barney's. Remarkably, it's the first time the store will be carrying baby furniture.


As he explains on his blog, Netto opted for royal over other shades of blue because unless that's your grandmother's picture on that money, your little wad is probably not enough to afford them [the crib and changer are $2,750. Each.] Oh wait, I totally made that up. The stuff about the royalty, I mean. I wouldn't kid about prices like those.

Introducing Netto's Royal Blue Collection [nettocollection blog]
Ghetto Netto! Don't feel poor: old school white Case Group cribs are currently 20% off, just $1,432 [nettocollection.com]


Oh but it is so pretty! Okay I can't justify the price difference but it is lovely.

Its somthing i'd buy for my baby boy whos on his way..*But the price is a frivolous shame.*The crib should be under $700 and the changer mabye $350-4. The problem is these designers look for a certain income bracket..not realizing that theyl'l make less money. Price it the way i say,and mark my words youl'l sell quite a few, and still be unique~

Considering that Netto just got acquired by Maclaren, they're probably going to test your theory. That said, there is absolutely no way to deliver the mix of high quality material and finishing at the price you're talking about--and stay in business at all.

There's a gap at that price point for a reason, and it's not because no one's noticed it.

I see what you mean. Maclaren is a Very nice brand! We just bought a few items by them, the Volo for example.which Babies r'us carries (very classy but yet masculine & sporty)is Maclaren)..so Netto would fit in well. I see what you mean in the quality of the crib..laquered wood or solid plastic? its hard to tell what it is in the pic. But it is a gorgeous piece either way..i hope your right about testing my theory! I think that alot of dads(such as my husband)would be drawn to this for sure,and although women like to have alot of say on nursery items..i think if there expecting a Boy..Dad will win this one! lol Thanks again Greg~

I don't really see it as a mom/dad or dad/boy, mom/girl breakdown. Why should it be? I've hated plenty of frilly nurseries in my day, but if one parent doesn't care about something like what goes in the nursery, that's no big deal.

It's only when/if whatever goes in there alienates one parent, or turns out to be impractical or inconvenient for both parents to use that there's a potential problem.

Staying focused on the crib, not the psychiatry behind it. "To each his own" -Ciao

mhmm, no sweat.

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