January 27, 2009

Sweet, Cheap & Available: amnh By Joseph O. Holmes


I don't check out the usually awesome, always affordable art at Jen Bekman's online gallery 20x200.com enough. And it seems I'm not alone, because even though it was released a couple of months ago, there are still 39 of the 200 $20 prints and 3 of the 20 $200 prints available of Joseph O. Holmes's amnh #62.

Three years ago, Holmes began deploying his street photography techniques inside the dark, moody halls of the American Museum of Natural History. The result: expressive silhouettes against the museum's classic dioramas. Like #62 here which, until someone corrects me, I'm just going to assume is Brad Pitt and Maddox quietly studying the hippopotamus. I mean, fauxhawk, right?

Buy a limited edition print of Joseph O. Holmes' amnh #62, $20, $200, or $2,000 [20x200.com via dt reader elizabeth]
amnh, cbgb, Holmes has a way with the four-letter subjects [portfolio.streetnine.com]

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I've bought several pieces of art from 20x200 and have been pleasantly surprised and impressed with the quality!

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