January 26, 2009

Wow, Hella Jongerius' Porcupine Desk Is In Production, A Disaster Waiting To Happen


Hella Jongerius's Porcupine Desk which Vitra debuted at Milan in 2007 actually went into production. With a pricetag of EUR486, it's probably the most expensive marker holder your kid will have until he becomes the chairman of Merrill Lynch. Of course, that assumes Merrill Lynch will exist when your kid grows up, which it won't.

But onto more pressing matters, like the inevitable scribbling disaster that will befall a table with marker holes in the top: maybe I'm looking at it the wrong way. It's not a $650 table that's going to get ruined; it's an heirloom-quality artistic collaboration between your kid and Hella Jongerius.

Porcupine Desk von Hella Jongerius, 2007, EUR486 [smow.de]
Oops, did I say $650? Porcupine Desk by Hella Jongerius, $979 [velocityartanddesign.com]


This isn't any worse.

lack jack hack? now that's wack

Where is the paper supposed to go? and I just keep pictureing impalement. Stupid design

"You'll put an eye out with that thing!"

Could be a handy way to serve appetizers?

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