January 26, 2009

How About That Obama?? DT Comments Are/May Be Back

Our long international nightmare may finally be over. You may now be able to tell the world how wack a $1,000 table that basically dares kids to draw on it is.

After a week-plus of broken comments and tags to nowhere, I decided to take President Obama's call to service and sacrifice to heart, and so I spent the weekend stripping away the programming duct tape that had held Daddy Types together for the last couple of years.

The site now has all-new coding and operates on the latest version of Movable Type [4.23], and for the moment, comments and tags both work again.

Though I'm sure there'll be some bugs and error messages along the way--for example, the new "related images" feature, which is supposed to present interesting images buried in over 6,000 archived posts, only shows Babar and a Honda Odyssey--but the basics are in place.

Going a week without any reader comments, I quickly realized how much I missed hearing what was on your minds--and how much of the useful information on the site actually comes from the discussions and the community, not from me. So thanks to everyone for sharing your advice, experiences and perspectives.


I've been tracking the Leander bed, aka The Bed That Never Was, for U.S. consumers (me being one of them). I've discovered Natart Furniture will be importing them starting in April, and will make them available soon thereafter in the U.S., and probably Canada. I actually got an e-mail confirming this though it's not on the website (www.natartfurniture.com) yet.

Of course, the cost might be prohibitive, but I could at least gaze upon the damn thing!


The new style looks great. The layout looks good and the headers of the articles really pop out more.

Thank you, for your work.

Eric J.

The design is cool (and I appreciate that the comment form isn't horribly broken anymore) but I miss the old logo... is it coming back or have you scrapped it?

Ah nevermind, I see the logo is just missing on the article pages but still on the home page.

Great to have the comments back. And a belated congrats on finishing the Judd Crib. Looks awesome.

What? No Uma to celebrate?

OTOH, I've had a dozen idiot self-promoters pretend to comment on some topic or other, only to turn it into a pitch for their off-track betting or multi-level juice network or whatever.

I mean, WOW! Never even crossed my mind, that you were updating the site. I noticed day after day the complete lack of reader comments, I don't even want to admit to the conspiracy theory I had going.

...anyway, looks fab!!!

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