January 21, 2009

Morgen Kinderbeds @ IMM Cologne


IMM, Die internationale Möbelmesse, is on this week in Cologne, and the Frankfurt furniture studio Morgen took the occasion to launch a kids line designed by the company's co-founder Sabine Mühlbauer. International economic downturn or no, I have a soft spot in my heart for slightly too severe, laminated birch cribs and toddler beds. If it turns out to be MDF, I'll just smile and nod politely at the nice silhouette.


The baby bed up top has a full crib front similar to the toddler bed's that slots into the base. I'm not sure whether the crib converts all the way to the low-rise toddler bed, though. It'd be sweet if it did, a bummer if it didn't. There's also a changing table and wardrobe. No pricing or availability info yet.

KIDS IMM 2009, Morgen children's furniture collection [morgen.org, more images via pan-dam, thanks mocoloco]

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