January 15, 2009

Leander Cradle, Denmark's Most Popular Hanging Cradle, Now Rocking On US eBay


What's that, you say you'd love to let your kid rock to sleep in Denmark's favorite cradle, the egg-shaped, minimalist masterpiece that is the Leander Bassinet, but you don't want to hassle of schlepping or shipping the thing all the way from Europe? And you're not about to drop several hundred euros/dollars on a bed the kid can only use for a few months, you don't care how blissfully he sleeps thanks to the Leander's gentle rocking.

Well, January 19th is your lucky day, my lazy cheapskate friend. Because some guy on eBay has already spent a fortune bringing a Leader cradle to California, and then they ended up not using it at all. So now you have a chance to help a co-sleeping, Danish design-loving, empty-walleted brother out, and get a great deal on a sweet bed in the process.

Leander Cradle from Denmark, originally $495, currently $33 +72 s/h, auction ends Jan 19 update: sold for $270+s/h, a good deal all around [ebay]



Hello i am interested in this Cradle how much is it in U.S dollars?

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