January 9, 2009

DTGIFriday Freakout

What alarming, preliminary research are we supposed to use to revamp our failed parenting this week, you ask?

  • Your kid doesn't have a peanut allergy. No one does. They just have over-sensitive yuppie parents. That's the result of a study of his own ass conducted by noted non-scientist and LA Times Op Ed columnist Joel Stein. Sounds like someone needed a pageview boost during the January doldrums. [latimes]
  • In related research, a survey of 4- and 5-year-olds found that nearly 14% wanted a peanut allergy. The survey of 22 subjects was conducted at a 5-year-old's birthday party last weekend and was published, well, right here, actually. SCOOP! MUST CREDIT DADDYTYPES!
  • And finally, from the Journal of Headlines Overselling The Findings: "Remarkably Bright White Light Given Off When Diaper Rash Cream Concoction Is Heated To High Temperature" [sciencedaily.com]


    Someone please tell my husband to stop cleaning the floor at 7am. He uses Mr clean, which smells toxic! It's cuz the dog peed on the floor and he doesnt want our son to crawl into the germs.
    I get it. And even more deep, he was in the Coast Guard and it reminds him of swabbing the deck. Or it makes the apartment feel sterile or it makes him feel sterile... Im going nuts.

    Fine, but it's Sat 7am am, I dont have to go teach Pilates until 11am, in a few more precious hours, Im trying to nurse the 10 mo old who just got up, so he will just fall back to sleep, our two year and a half yr.old is on floor playing the threading game with the catepillar wooden parts (i.e. content and not needing me) and BOOM Im breathing toxic fumes from the next room!

    So I blast open all the windows and its FREEZING this morning in Manhattans Upper West Side.Like 30 degrees.

    But Id rather freeze.
    Im gonna go buy 7th gen or any other cleaning stuff that doesnt make me feel like cardboard in my lungs.

    Am I being unreasonable?

    You are being more than reasonable. My wife swapped out all of our traditional cleaning products and replaced them when I wasn't looking.

    Back to the original post: confirmed, Joel Stein is a maroon.

    Thank god someone has recognized that parents blow allergies way out or proportion. I work in a school that is in one of the yuppiest towns in my state. It is amazing how people do not discriminate between having a mild reaction/irritation to a certain food or other allergen and a having a serious/fatal allergy to the same thing.

    If a kid gets mild hives when he comes in contact with flour, yeah, it should be avoided, but he'll be fine! I don't need to stick a huge epipen in his little thigh, which is illegal for people other than doctors to distribute in my state, by the way.

    I meant illegal to administer.

    yeah, I remember school nurses who couldn't give me tylenol when I was a kid. the idea of just giving teachers a box of epipens and telling them to keep an eye out is just ludicrous.

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