December 29, 2008

Porsche, VW & Ferrari Sleds Are Exactly What You Would Expect


Which is to say, the top-of-the-line Porsche sled is an over-engineered, high-performance, aluminum-and-steel category killer of almost obnoxious simplicity. The cheaper one is plastic, and it tries to make you to forget that it's basically a Volkswagen. Also, it has a pull rope that all but screams, "My parents bought it for me!"



And finally, the Ferrari sled is a generic discount store disaster that proves once again that the company's licensing managers are actively working to destroy the brand, one tacky, low quality piece of junk at a time.


NEU IM SHOP | Aluminiumschlitten, €399, with VAT [ via, which also has another Porsche sled model I can't find. Thanks design guru jan from]
Porsche Kinderbob, €79 []
Jan. 2007: Volkswagen Sleigh: Wat voor Volksagen is dit? []
Dec. 2006: Voor 75 Euro, met de Ferrari op wintersport []
At the moment, the sled is not offered among the tacky licensed merchandise at the Official Ferrari Store []

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If I'm not mistaken, makes the Porsche sled and has a relatively more reasonable version of the same design for Euro 129, "der clap-n-go". (Check out their other sleds, essentially skis and a pivoting riding platform)

However, if you're going to spend the $$$, I'm intrigued by the CherryMax Hammerhead as well as the sweet folding wooden sled sold by Garrett Wade (which was recently about 20% off). Now if it would only snow in the Mid-Atlantic... ....nonetheless, Happy New Year!

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