December 28, 2008

A. "Just Give'em Benadryl."

So you're a pharmaceutical industry executive. And not only has the FDA muscled you into a "voluntary" withdrawal from the lucrative children's over-the-counter cold & flu medicine market. But your leading antihistamine brand is also the default, one-word punchline for parents' half-jokes about sedating their kids for their own convenience.

What else can you do but underwrite a study showing how many of the 100-odd OTC medication-related infant deaths between the mid-60's to 2007 were attributable to parents and caregivers giving the drugs for "non-therapeutic intent"? Or as we like to call it around the Daddy Types offices, knocking them out or killing them?

"The research was supported by funding from McNeil Consumer Healthcare," makers of Benadryl: Some Toddler Deaths From Cold Drugs Linked to Abuse [bloomberg via dt reader jeff]


You have OFFICES?!?

just kidding! Thanks for taking a serious look at this issue.

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