December 22, 2008

If When K2 Ran The White House


My wife's sisters and brother got into town for Christmas, so we went on a tour of the West Wing at the White House. [Jean's been on assignment from NASA to the White House since just before K2 was born. As she wearily knows I'll point out, I'll point out it's a non-political job. When her office was a cabinet-level, it was located in the Old Executive Office Building, but after Bush downgraded the group, they moved to-- forget it. Way too much information.]

Long story short, we got to wander around the West Wing Saturday, and it was rather fascinating, though not for reasons I expected. Maybe there was something in the air, because K2 was out of control, running around like she owned the place, accountable to no one. And she broke a piece of furniture outside the Cabinet Room, the handle on a credenza--perhaps the very credenza Dick Cheney's place card and undrunk water were resting on in this AFP/Getty photo--though it was both non-historic and easily repaired.

Of course, it was 5:30, the black hole in the day when she needs a nap and dinner at the same time. So she, at least, had an excuse.

It will be interesting to go back next year to see the changes. I doubt Obama will fill the hallway with photos of himself--many, in turns out, from August 2001--as Marlboro Man In Chief.


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