December 4, 2008

Takashi Murakami's Giant, Furry Balls

We're not at Art Basel Miami Beach this week, but if you are, I hope you'll get some shots of Takashi Murakami's three giant, furry balls.

The Murakami Home Collection just launched at Design Miami, and it includes, according to the first report I've read, plush flower-covered balls in three "giant" sizes, up to feet in diameter.

This photo is from I.D. Magazine's reporter covering the NY Times' T Magazine party, and shows what I expect is the medium size ball. Also, the most insanely awesome flower petal headdress for Art World Kid Halloween 2009.

Presumably, Murakami himself and designer Sebastian Errazuriz are sold separately.

update: Sillier--if possible--pictures from the Geisai opening are [reposted without credit to the original photographer] at supertouchart.

Hmm, coincidence? Right about this time last year: Holy Crap! Takashi Murakami Furniture!

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