December 4, 2008

Remarkably Unscary Louise Bourgeois Romper @ MoCA


I was just following up on the last place you could buy giant, flowery Takashi Murakami furniture in the US, the MoCA gist shop in Los Angeles. Looks like they finally moved the last of their 6-foot flower-shaped tuffets, which gives them more than enough room for this:

an organic baby romper printed with a soothing, happy design from Louise Bourgeois. Bourgeois is better known for sculptures that are variously psychologically unsettling, phallic, or surreal. Or that are all three, like the giant, creepy spiders she's shown at the Tate, the National Gallery, and Roppongi Hills.

I'm half expecting the next Bourgeois romper in the series to say "Never Mind!"

Be Calm Infant Romper by Louise Bourgeois, sizes 6-18 mos, $24 []

1 Comment

Soothing graphic, although there's no way I'd be calm after shelling out $24 for baby underwear that'd be used for a max of 4 months.

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