December 3, 2008

FOUND: Large, Slightly Mangy Toy Dog, Answers To The Name Of Bojesen


Are you on a sacred quest to find a Kay Bojesen pull toy dog woodworking project that's larger than a tuna can?

Because it appears that an outfit called Find The Grail Auctions has posted one on eBay.

But what about its few "hairline cracks" and peeling finish? "Just a flesh wound!"

And the rear wheels are missing. "No they're not!"

Of course, it could turn out to be just a Bojesen dog-shaped beacon...

Rare LARGE Eames Kay Bojesen Dachshund Dog Pull Toy, currently $25+25 s/h, auction ends Dec. 8 [ebay via dt reader hans]
Find The Grail has some otheBojesen pieces that require less work

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