December 2, 2008

This Just In From The Christmas Came Early To Jalopnik Department


Despite the fact that they don't exist, Pete from Jalopnik just bought a Ford Taurus SHO Wagon on eBay for three thousand measly bucks.

At least I can console myself that it was a 1992, and not the awesomer-looking, beanier-shaped Gen III Taurus from '96-99.

I am nonetheless adding the Audi S8 Avant to my saved searches. Because eBay is more magical than Santa Claus.

Ford Taurus SHO Wagon pops up on eBay [jalopnik]
Previously: SHO me the Ford Taurus Wagon, Baby!


Now that I own a 2001 V70 and a 2004 xc70 I have learned to love the "station wagon". I love the sleeper version of the family truckster that blows street racers off the street. Some day maybe a V70R.

Some other mid size wagon sleepers:
Volvo V70R
Dodge Magnum R/T and for the truly insane, SRT8
Subaru Legacy GT (my ride)

Any of the above would outperform the SHO and, other than the SRT8, have AWD standard. Unfortunately, none of the above are available new but at least they were built more recently and in a factory -- better from a warranty perspective although the Dodge may be iffy in this respect.

Our setup:

2002 Audi Allroad 2.7T + APR Chip = Both hands on the cup, kids!

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